If you are interested in becoming a "Mentor Family" please email president@bettendorf-wrestling-club.com

The Bettendorf Wrestling Club offers a mentorship program that pairs beginner wrestlers and their families with experienced youth wrestlers and parents.  This program is offered free of charge to youth wrestlers that are new to our program and/or are ready to attend their first tournament.

Wrestling can often be difficult to understand, especially to parents and children that are new to the program.  Our desire is for you and your wrestler to be able to experience all of the advantages of this historic sport.  Wrestling fosters self-confidence, teaches respect and discipline and gives wrestlers a special sense of pride that only another wrestler can understand.  More importantly, wrestling is a fun sport where your child becomes part of a group of friends that will cheer for and encourage him/her, hopefully for years to come.

If you choose to take advantage of the mentorship program, your child will receive one-on-one guidance from one of our experienced club wrestlers, while their parents show you the ropes and walk you through the tournament process.  Our goal is that you and your wrestler feel comfortable attending tournaments, so that your child can become at ease with wrestling in a competitive environment.  While it is not required that your child attend tournaments, it is encouraged so that your son/daughter can use the skills they are learning at their weekly practices and give you the opportunity to see what they are being taught.

Mentor families will:

  • Guide you and your wrestler through the registration and weigh-in process
  • Explain and guide you through a tournament (bracketing, bout numbers, mat numbers)
  • Explain the scoring process and help you learn the wrestling lingo
  • Offer advice on how to prepare/coach your wrestler
  • Offer advice on how to give your wrestler the best wrestling experience possible

If you take advantage of the Bettendorf Wrestling Club's Mentorship Program your name will be given to a mentor family and they will contact you to set up a tournament that works for your schedule and theirs.  Most tournaments are held on Saturdays or Sundays, with a few Friday night tournaments.  We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful program that is aimed at making sure you and your child have the best wrestling experience possible and help you feel comfortable being part of the Bettendorf Wrestling family. 

We welcome you and your wrestler to the Bettendorf Wrestling Club!

To sign up for the Bettendorf Wrestling Club's Mentorship program please fill out the form below.  Any questions can be emailed to president@bettendorf-wrestling-club.com.

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